iPhone/iPad “Storage Almost Full” message appears after deleting apps and freeing space

I was having this issue on my iPad running iOS 6. The available space kept filling up after I freed space. Turns out it’s a glitch with the iCloud backup system. If you manually start an iCloud backup and let it finish, it frees up a bunch of cache. I went from having 0 bytes free to 9.3GB free after running an iCloud backup manually

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Computer switches to 640×480 after rebooting (even with the latest drivers installed)

If you’re a Windows user and your computer is switching back to 640×480 after every reboot and you have your drivers installed correctly, I should have the answer for you. Open up your msconfig (start > run > msconfig) and go to the Boot tab and uncheck “Base Video”. 

I had turned this on for testing purposes and didn’t realize the effect it had… doh!

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Stuck: Can’t advance in GTA 5 past Caida Libre

I’ve been stuck and haven’t been able to see the yellow ring on the ground to advance past the Caida Libre mission on GTA V. I did not have a save game to restore to.


Make sure you’re far away or down the street from the mission starting point and hail a cab. (Do this via your contact list on your phone.)
Tell the taxi to take you to the green Michael “M” mission.
Use the skip feature in the cab to take you right into the mission and it should start.

Note: This should work on any mission where you can’t see the yellow ring on the ground.

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Can’t type/click/interact in Windows 8 native apps

I haven’t found a solution yet, but I can’t type inside Windows 8 “metro” apps when they pop up a browser and ask me to log in. For example, in the Microsoft People app, I go to log into Facebook and a white screen opens where I’m supposed to type my email address and password in. I can’t click on the fields or type anything. The only thing that I can click is the back arrow. It’s as if the whole browser window just doesn’t let me interact with it. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

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Computer shuts off after one second

If your PC is shutting down right after you turn it on (about 1 second), make sure the 12v (2×2 pin) cable is running to the board. This is separate from the main cable that plugs into the board. The fans spin up then spin down quickly when this is not connected and is dangerous.

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Moved your Magento install, admin section broken

If you’ve moved your Magento install to another folder and assume you’ve covered all your bases, but for some reason the admin section just won’t work, then I have a fix for you. Specifically if you can log into the admin section, but once you click on any link it gives you an error. […]

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Make More Room in Google Calendar for Automatically Updating iCal Feeds

Go to your calendar settings and set your 4 day custom calendar to either 2 or 3 weeks depending on how much space you need per day. That calendar will morph into the style of the monthly calendar, just with more space for events. […]

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Magento Downloader – No Extensions Listed

If you can’t see any packages or extensions listed in the Magento Connect Manager (Downloader), I might just have the fix for you. First thing I noticed was  we didnt have pear installed (use this script to make sure your server is compatible). After I made sure the server was compatible, the extensions still weren’t listing. I found on this thread that you can enter the following:


…into the “Paste extension key to install:” box on the Downloader. It will populate the list.

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DD-WRT TX Errors – 0% 0 OK

Wireless – Wireless Security: Set to “disable” (Wifi signal will now be visible)
Wireless – Basic Settings: Set “Wireless Mode” to “Client Bridge”. Save, then Apply. (Your internet will go down, manually load your routers address or you will just wait forever.)
Wireless – Wireless Security: Set to “WPA2” or whatever you had before (Wifi signal should still be visible)

Note: This problem returned a few days later, might be best to update the router if you have this problem.

Another note: This solution didn’t seem to help me the second time, but I set encryption to “WPA2 Personal – Mixed” and it came back to life.

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The network path was not found

The following Windows 7 error kept me from accessing shares on the network.

The network path was not found […]

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